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Basic digital marketing research

Basic digital marketing research

The role of digital marketing research

Consumers and companies leave a large amount of valuable data all over the web.

Basic digital marketing research is the process of harvesting the data and putting it to good use and that is what this page is all about.

In this section, I would like to share with you how you can conduct your own basic digital marketing research.

Let’s discuss how to employ big online data ecosystems to research consumers and competitors that may be used free to carry out the research but also share with you a few premium tools used by professional marketers.

Once you are familiar with the research techniques, we will provide you with a live example of a recent challenge to which you confirm the solution, which is not visible in marketing research. 

Research Ethics:

An important consideration before proceeding with online research, physical considerations require that the application it’s perfectly acceptable to use transparent online research tools together to conduct more about consumers and contenders.

There are several belongings that would not be considered as ethical; for example hacking a competitors website, gaining unlawful access to data is not ethical, interviewing competitor employee in false pretences is not ethical. 

Creating and publishing generalisations based on qualitative opinions of an article on unconfirmed data and identified bloggers would be unethical. Accessing data which is not publicly available certainly not ethical.

Unethical Practices

  • Hacking a competitors website
  • Gaining unlawful access to data
  • Interviewing a competitor’s employees under false pretences
  • Creating and publishing generalisations based on the qualitative opinions of unconfirmed data
  • Using nonpublic data

keep these things in mind when carrying out market research. Something to think about before we continue is would you be happy if your competitor used the same research strategy as you, or would you feel that your privacy was violated? If you feel that your privacy has been violated, then go do our research in a more ethical fashion.

 Largest Online Eco-System:

In this section, we will learn about the largest online ecosystem on the web. 

This will enable us to collect more representative investigate samples which will augment the correctness of our research and enable better decision making power.

You can use the free version off of to tell you about the largest ecosystems in the world. 

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You can customise this by country, or by category. Let us go to Browse Top Sites and let’s imagine you are in the United Kingdom and you would like to see the biggest websites in your country, then just go to country scroll down to the United Kingdom and there we go. 

Here is a list of the biggest websites in the United Kingdom sorted by the amount of traffic they receive. More specifically, you can get health and women health etc.

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Let’s imagine the during the health business you click on health let’s be more specific, door in the women’s health category you click on women’s health and there we go it sorts out the biggest online ecosystems but relates to women’s health in the United Kingdom. 

Let’s have a look at the ecosystems that can be particularly helpful with our research. We will look at the first ecosystem Google.

It is useful to us because in most countries represents the largest part of the population online search requirements.

 When you use quantitative research to establish public demand, use the Google keyword tool. 


  • Keyword tool
  • Webmaster tools
  • AdWords
  • Amazon
  • Customer reviews
  • Best-seller lists
  • Facebook
  • Ad inventory
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Linkedin
  • Customer reviews
  • Best-seller lists

The second ecosystems Amazon is useful because in most countries represents the largest part of the population online shopping habits.

Therefore, when we use qualitative research to understand what consumers such as women think of a product and why bolted that we can scrape Amazon reviews and analyses them.

The third ecosystem was Facebook. In most countries, Facebook represents the largest social media network.

Therefore we can use quantitative research to evaluate Facebook’s advertising inventory which will tell us the size of online interest groups, all branded communities etc.  

Facebook has become more sophisticated in the sense that it also enables us to carry out a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research for example how many repeat buyers offset the products exist in a brand community.

The fourth one is LinkedIn which is become the world’s most popular social network.

LinkedIn was perhaps the most useful tool for B2B research and services, physical products mainly retail Amazon which attracts reviews but where services are involved, recommendations and endorsements, LinkedIn can serve as a valuable alternative to what Amazon offers at the same time.