Blog Wiredin

In addition to selecting a blogging platform and social media focus, you’ll benefit from integrating common web services. These range from monitoring and analytics to backup and security. Together to ensure a dependable and expectantly trouble-free knowledge for you as the administrator and for the visitor.

To key services every website and blog must be link to Google Webmasters and Bing Webmaster tools. These services provided by the two largest search engines on the web check your site for activity. Ensure that your content is indexed properly so people can find it in social search results and also alerts you if and when something goes wrong. Both services are free and easy to set up and the information you get in return is invaluable, when you want to improve your site or learn why it’s not working correctly or not being indexed. To get the full benefit out of these Webmaster tools, it’s essential to set up comprehensive site map files. This can usually be done automatically through plug-ins or modules for your chosen platforms. Google also has a long list of other free services worth setting up including Google analytics which run statistics on your visitors and how they interact with your site. Google places which associates your website and Google account with the physical location of your business and allows for your website to show up in geographically weighted searches and Google plus authorship which associates individual blog offers  with publish contents as well as the blog and site itself. In addition to these services gather information about your sites; you should also invest in services that ensure that everything works properly on your site. This includes proper backup and restoration in case the server crash or malicious attack and security monitoring of your sites. There many different service providers who offer these types of services and you may already have such services internally in your company or integrated into the existing company website. The key here is to ensure you have proper backup routines in place and that someone is making sure your site is in good health and is not vulnerable to attack. To make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to external services the technology card has as list for reference with the most common services that you can check off as to supplement.