Blogging marketing done right

Blogging Marketing is a useful marketing strategy 

Blogging Marketing can be a useful tool in the marketing strategy of any business and the right you can also turn into a convention point amid the industry and its customers.

Throughout the book, we will go through five stages that will help you lay the groundwork to get the idea of a business blog to an actual live in functioning blog to make it more effective.

First, look at how to define goals and expectations and established a timeline to meet these goals then we’ll discuss strategy both for content creation and marketing and how to measure success.

We will look at technology choices and how these affect our blog and can be used to further its functionality.

We will take a deep dive into content creation and look at how to manage a blog and produce excellence content by influencing the trust in your business and finally look at how to incorporate an existing corporate identity and plan the publication on the blog.

A blog can be a powerful addition to your online marketing package.

Blogging for Business:

What is a blog?

You may have your own understanding of what a blog is and what work means, Let’s take a look at the word blog where it came from, what is used to mean and what it means today and based on that make a definition we could use as a basis for our projects.

Back then a weblog or blog was basically an online life log or journal. That’s pretty close to the unique meaning of a blog. From the Merriam Webster dictionary, a blog website that contains an online personal journal with reflection remarks & frequently hyperlinks provided by the writer.

In other word, blogs were identified by common elements such as a reverse chronological stream or blog posts with the most recent polls displaying the top, a sidebar with links to blogger archives, categories, a blog roll of links to other blogs and comment sections for each individual posts.

That was then; today the definition of a blog has evolved along with the medium of the web to mean something somewhat different.If you ask your friend on Google, a blog is a website on which an individual or group of user record view in order etc on a usual basis.

This much broader definition not only fits with how the web and blogs themselves are used today but also shows how blogs have infringed on the previously clearly defined territory of the website to become a subset rather than an alternative.

The key to this modern definition is that tail end of the definition on a regular basis and this is what sets of blog apart from a website. A website generally consists of a defined number of pages and subpages that are presented in more or less static formats. Only rarely are new pages added to the websites.

The blog, on the other hand, is a constant source of new information and its use to push this information out to the public and engage the public. To put in business terms, the website is the annual statements; the blog is a newsletter but almost like a newsletter the blog and its contents are usually created to appeal to a wider audience as part of the overall marketing plan for the business. In short, for business, the blog is a platform through which customers and the general public can be reached and engaged.



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  1. Torrie Ayaia

    I wondered if you ever considered adjusting the framework on the blog? It is really well written; I adore what you have to say. Nonetheless you might could a bit more with regards to content therefore people could possibly connect with it greater. You have got an awful lot of words for just having 1 or 2 graphics. You may could space against each other better?

  2. admin Post author

    The first person to use the word blog was Peter Myrtles. This was back in 1999 and he derived it from the longer web blog which was coined by John Barger in 1997.

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