Blogging Strategy

The question where does the blog live might seem a little showing. It lives on the web on the server most likely on your server. It is not what I mean; when asked the question? what I mean is where does the blog live in family member to your other online possessions. This is an important question to answer early in the planning process. Depending on what type of business you’re working for and how the business uses the web the positioning of the blog will vary much. The reason you desire to believe this through and make a decision about the positioning of the blog is that will impact how you handle your online assets in the future and it will also impact how the consumers and customers interact with the same assets. We now moving to the strategy section where we find the strategy card; the front page of the plan card will be used to sketch a map of all your online assets and how they relate to one another.

The most excellent way to get a grip on your online possessions and how they interact is to place them on a map and draw arrows between this. This can be done on a sketch or on a whiteboard or even using individual cutout pieces for each asset; when you want to do is identify each asset; so your main websites and intranets, the customer portal your Twitter version and Facebook & any other assets run by the company. Once you have all their assets on the board start drawing arrows between them to shoulder current relationship with each other. If your main website has twitter link on, use an arrow from the site to twitter. If your website has a YouTube video on it, use an arrow pointing from you to your website. You get the idea. Now, the blog into the mix either with a different color or on different draw. Think about where the blog is positioned either inside of the website or outside and how the blog changes the connecting between elements. Blog can be built around a looser information philosophy incorporating elements from social media like tweets and Facebook updates & implanting YouTube videos etc. The blog can also be used to point the visitor directly at key possessions on the major website while at the same time adding more information to the discussion or it can be used as the admission between the industry & social media in general. Once you have a clear picture of all your assets and how they relate to one another drawing on the front of the strategy card.