Blogging Technology

When publishing a blog or any other type of content on the web, it is important to understand how the web works and how people can interact with this content. Let’s first look at webpage mechanism. A server is connected to the web; almost server there’s a web documents. You can open that web documents using a web browser and see its contents. In the scenario each new webpage is a new web document ; simple buy when there’s a lot of pages or you once advanced interactive components like remarking it gets tricky.

Enter content management system. A CMS allows you to use templates and a database to populate the pages that means instead of having a web server with one document for each page; you have a web server with template files in a database and then the CMS takes the appropriate template files and combined them with the appropriate database content to create the page in the visiting browser. The advantage of the CMS is that the stream of information can also leave in the other way; the user or administrator can enter information on a webpage that is sent back to the database. This is how blogs work because blogging applications are simplified content management systems. When you pick what blogging application you want to choose, you have two main options : cloud hosted services or self hosting Applications. Cloud hosted services are free or for pay solutions were the server side or back end is handled by a third party and is more or less invisible to you.  You send information into the cloud and information comes out of the club; self hosting applications that you place on your own server and manage yourself; their benefits and drawbacks to both which will touch on later in this course. Web publishing today goes beyond the simple publishing pages online. It also includes sharing through social media and social networks. Whenever a new post was published on your blog, it can be linked to and republished throughout social networks to bring attention and readers back to the block. This sharing cycle has become as important if not even more important than search engine results because it’s powered by people. Once a pollster’s shared on twitter or Facebook or Google plus, it’s more likely to be shared on one of the other services as well and the more it’s shared on different sites the more attention it will get. Knowing this you need to make sure your chosen blogging platform and infrastructure give you the level of control you need enables sharing across social networks and services and allows you to customize the metadata but it’s shared on social networks.