Branding and Email Layout

Branding you Business:

You need to pay attention to the way your emails look because your audience pays attention for not depending on the design choices you make any mail. The first rule of email design is that your email designs must be good match with your other marketing media; for example when somebody looks your website and signs up for your email list, they might not recognize your emails, if they totally look different from your site.

To make sure a good match between your email designs and your other marketing design, you may follow these guidelines: put your logo in all your emails. Use colors that match your logo for backgrounds borders and set a promotion that suggest the use of colors outside your brand such as running a following promotion with good color. Make sure to work the promotional colors into your brand instead of replacing your brand with the promotion. Also use the same type of images and all your emails; for example there’s a big difference between the lookup stock photography and the look of graphics and clipart. Choose the image type that fits the personality of your business and then stick to it. When choosing email designs, it’s important to brand each type of email format consistently; for example make sure your email newsletter looks similar but not identical to your email promotions that way people recognize your brand and the purpose of each email. One of the best ways to ensure brand consistency with all your emails is to design your emails based on similar looking email templates.

E-Mail Layout:

Laying out your content in an email usually requires building tables in HTML using cascading style sheets or CSS to tell your recipient’s computer how to display your content; not interested in programming your own layout. You can use predesigned email templates that are ready to receive images, links, text, etc. Email templates are available from email marketing providers. Many suppliers include templates that are almost ready to use as well as templates that can be highly customized without any familiarity of HTML language. Content that draws attention to a specific section of your email or call visual anchors as the content works like a newscaster that causes the eyes to stop on content while scanning through the email. Visual newscaster include: headlines, images links, icons, divider lines, background colors and borders.



When put down your content, the most significant content should reside in the upper left quadrant of your email because most people start scanning and emailing the upper left also most mobile devices display emails beginning with the upper left if the whole email doesn’t fit on the screen. One word of caution, it’s important not to place too many visual newscasters in all four quadrants. It makes your email difficult to scan because the eyes can decide what the most important section of the email is. Organizing your content of columns is another great way to make your email easy to scan and make it easy to organize related groups of content to your audience and can scan each column as if it’s a mini account of your email. It has three basic choices for laying out columns effectively in your email: you can use columns of equal width to avoid emphasizing the continent one column over the other. You can put a narrow column on the left side of your email to emphasize the content in a larger column to the right. You can also put a narrow column on the right part of email to highlight the content in a larger column to the left. If you feel like you have so much content a single email that you need to organize your content into more than two columns may want to think flouting up your content into manifold shorter emails and sending with a higher frequency.