Call to Act

A call to action is a statement of promise your audience to take one or more specific actions in favor of your purposes. Calling for act is not as easy as including a phone number in your emails or giving people lots of links to click on. You need to give people a few hints of you know exactly what you want to do.

Contrary to what you observe in a large number of emails ?Click Here? is not the best way to call for action in the email. Instead of ?Click Here? begin your call to action with a word that explain the action; examples include visit, call, download, read or print. You can turn your call to action statements in the links or combined with phone numbers or specific instructions. Sometimes, the main reason the call for action is to ask for immediate purchase. There are lots of other reasons to include a call to action in your email; for example you can use a call to action to request people to read your email by starting your email with a statement like read this email before you buy online. You can also use a call to action to highlight a specific portion of your email as in the statement: scroll down for a valuable coupon. Sometimes it’s appropriate to ask people to save your email for later instead of deleting it if they are ready to take advantage of offering your email. You can also ask people to show the email by printing it out or showing emaill on a mobile device and don?t forget to ask people to share your email with a friend or colleague when I finally found content of value to someone we care about. You may decide to focus on one called action in your email but sometimes including multiple calls to action. One email can actually increase the number of responses you get. One of the best ways to increase responses using multiple calls to action is asked for three different levels of promise from your readers. For example a chocolate company might send an email promoting a new gift basket with the following three calls to action: order this gift basket today, download or gift basket catalog and like this gift basket on Facebook. Each of these calls to action results in a positive action even if the person reading the email isn’t interested in making a purchase right away.