Collect information

When we come to collect emails, there are five basic ways to ask people to join your email list. The first way to collect email addresses this by providing an online sign-up form to your website. Visitors should put the sign-up form or link to the sign-up form on every page of your website; not just the homepage because you never know someone will enter your website or exit your website. The second way to collect email addresses is to collect email addresses from people in person when one calls your business on the phone asked if he or she would like to join the email list to take delivery of in order about the topic of the call.

When you attend networking events such as trade shows when you meet people for appointments ask everyone to join your email list. I call it the 5 foot rule if someone is within 5 feet 2 inch of you request for his email address. Thirdly, all printed marketing materials should describe a method to connect your email list. You may provide a sign-up form by asking people to write their information openly on the form and you can use printed publicity to promote other methods of joining. The fourth way to collect email addresses is through mobile devices. You can ask people to scannable barcode.



This one actually works give it a try right now in your screen to join the email list. You can also asked people to text their email address to join and you can provide mobile sign-up forms that can be complete out on a smart phone or tablet device. You can use mobile devices for collecting addresses of persons as well by; simply hand your device to someone so he or she can fill out a form on the screen. The fifth way to collecting all addresses is through social media networks. Place sign-up links to your email sign-up form on social media websites you won and promote your email list in your social posts. Some social sites such as Facebook allow application plugins you can embed forms directly in your page. Remember that an email address is more effectual when combine it with other information; you may want to collect a first name for personalizing your emails or ZIP Code for targeting local authors. But don’t ask for too much information the first time you sign up or to reduce sign ups. You can also ask for additional information once you establish a relationship of trust with the members of your email list. Collecting email addresses and other personal information isn’t always easy.