Assorted Wisdom

Communication Guidelines

Communication Guidelines and Quality of Tweet’s

Key Considerations;


  • Always add value
  • Don’t argue
  • Admit mistakes

 The first, is to always add value to everything that we should be doing on Twitter. It should increase the value of our audience, so they should get something that they really want to see, read or interact with.

Next, is don’t argue. What this really means is don’t get into a debate on Twitter as a brand; especially over things that are important or meaningful. Also, this is always a good idea if a customer said something about your brand and it is always better to take a positive approach and argue with them positively.

Third, admit mistakes. If you have done something wrong, even something wrong such as you are lately replying to a particular customer question, admit it and talk about it openly. Be transparent and admit the mistake that occurred.

Finally always protect customers. This means going out of your way to make sure that you are protecting their privacy. That you are not talking about them on twitter and you must be honest. Establish guidelines that make sense of your brand anytime; don’t post something that is questionable.

The quality of Tweets

As a business, you will be bouncing tweets that maintain your community and tweets that are promotional in nature.

Just as you have an objective for marketing your twitter account in broad, I encourage you to have an objective for each tweet. What’s the goal? A goal might be to make traffic to your website, to encourage sign-ups for an event or to earn retweets to expand the reach of your brand.

To start crafting a great tweet, is to first identify as a goal. Next, decide what called action is required to attain the goal, that might be together with a link to our website, event, or along with copy that motivates click; or it might even be asking for a re-tweet and providing an incentive for an inspirational reason to do so. Once you know what your call to the deed is, you can effort to weave it into a message that a follower will engage with.

People are more likely to share and respond to tweets that inspire or entertain them, solve a problem or answer a difficult question; including a photo or video will only add to the vitality of your message.

Regardless of your goal, try to keep the tweet conversational. Work towards a communication style that is genuine and approachable. If the marketing objective feels natural and unforced, it will gain better traction with the community. So let’s review once again what makes people share content, because this is really what you want to think about as you go to create these tweets. 

What People Share on Twitter;

People share material that is:

  • Funny
  • Helpful
  • Newsworthy
  • Inspiring

 That’s really what you want to focus on. Take those into account when you craft a tweet and then take the goal of the tweet, the intended action and think of the language that needs to surround it. The surrounding language or the inclusion of a video/an image is what’s going to cause your followers to interact with it.

Now a well-crafted tweet is only as good as the time is delivered. So pay attention to timely delivery to take advantage of key trends, existing conversations or the time your followers are most likely to be checking their feet.