Depending on the content strategy and how the business blog will be structured, you need to have one or more people vigorously create content for the blog. People are referred to as contributors; one common challenge and running a business blog is to find the people to be contributors and also get them to actively contribute. The key in making contributors is possession and actions; make the contributors take ownership of the content on the blog & feel like their assistance are part of the job identity. You should also engage with the contributors to give self-assurance additional aid.

In your business there will be staffers who are experts in their field and who love to share their know-how; these staffers are prime provider material and they are usually easy to convince to become contributors. Influence their skill and talent and engage them in the planning process of the blog, in particular in delineation the niche and key topic and inquire for their input on what they think would be good content to be share on the blog. By making them fraction of the team & giving them a say in what content they should produce¬† there would be more invested in the end product. They can tell the public about what they do and also educate the public and the rest of the company. Identify a small group of key contributors distributed across the company and profile them in a big way on the blog, give them bio pages columns so they can drive people to their own content and encourage the contributors to share their content with coworkers and friends and business contacts. Once these key contributors are in place and actively causal; give confidence them to join other members of the staff to contribute as well. The key contributors can take on the role of counselor to the rest of the staff; directing them through the process of sharing their know-how in an easily digestible way. That way you’ll get more staff interaction and avoid a situation where staffers feel left out. By employing this strategy, you can also produce a welcome byproduct that the executives of your company will see as a positive and that may help solidify the importance of the blog in the eyes of management. Collaborative contribution to the blog will encourage collaboration and communication within the company and trained employees to become better communicators. In this way the blog can help the employees of the company know each other; better understand each other scrolls and get a better understanding for how the company works and that my friend is a win on all fronts.