Assorted Wisdom

Customer Service Contemplation

For many brands, Twitter is primarily a customer service platform. In fact, studies have shown that around 40% of consumers anticipate a reply on twitter within one hour, when they connected to brand. That is a hard benchmark to strike,  particularly if you’re frustrating to administer all yourself. But the truth is, by exceeding customer expectations with customer service, you may really augment your sales; Twitter is public, so all of your customer service interactions are visible to others.

This really creates a unique style of transparency and it can also in still confidence among possible buyers. As they discover your twitter feed, they also see how quickly you interact with problems, issues or just generic questions, they will have a higher level of confidence in purchasing from you in the future.

Now what is great, is that smartphones are so prevalent in today’s technology landscape, that it’s easy to keep Twitter in your pocket. So, if you are managing your social feeds by yourself, you can opt to receive push notifications for mentions that your brand receives on Twitter. This can really help you stay in the loop and achieve that one hour response goal. As you think about how you handle customer service on Twitter, take a look at a few brands that are doing an exceptional job. You can explore their Twitter feeds and learn from their efforts.

The first one I want to show you is McDonald’s U.S. Customer Service posts and their Twitter handle is at McD Customer Service. They set up a separate Twitter account, just to handle customer service and you will notice the bio says they are here to provide McDonald’s U.S. Customer Service. Here to pay attention, assist or respond any questions you have 7 days a week 7:00am to 7:00pm CST.

If you go through, you can read through the feed and look at people’s questions, see how quickly and how friendly the responses are. Next, is Nike support and just like McDonald’s, they too created a separate Twitter account. Now this doesn’t mean you have to create a separate Twitter account for support. If you are a small business having the same account will  be just fine, but if you do have thousands and thousands of followers you might explore the opportunity to create a second support channel.

Here, Nike lays out that there are available seven days a week and they also indicate what languages are supported and again this is in their bio on the left-hand side. It is a great idea to indicate if you’re only available during a certain timeline; Let’s say during business hours. This way people can understand when they should expect a response from you. Another great account to look at is Asktarget. This is in the target general twitter account,  this is again specific to support but if you look through, here you can see how quickly they respond and the tone and the voice that they’re using and doing so. You will find that customers will expect to be able to reach you on Twitter. Remember, Twitter is all about conversations and the two-way dynamic, so think about how you will integrate customer service into your Twitter workflow.