Assorted Wisdom

Designing an Effective Marketing Email

Marketers direct to the format of an email, implies that the layout of the content in the purpose of a particular email, work togetherness & functionally as an unit. For example; a newsletter is an email format. It is important to use a diversity of email formats for two reasons. First, people respond to different formats in different ways; for example, many people like to read an email that looks like a newsletter, while an email that looks like an urgent statement is more likely to get instant notice.


  While getting immediate attention for every email, might sound like a good strategy. However, the reality is that urgency wears off if you use the same email formats for all your communications. Second reason is to use a variety of formats. You need as many formats as you have reasons to communicate. Example, if you launch an event, promotions, invitations, news information, greetings and appointment confirmations. You should use sufficient email formats to appropriately categorise your information into logical groupings.

Newsletters can have columns to give them the form of a paper newsletter and are great for sending loosely related information in a single email. Newsletters also should have a cyclic frequency, such as weekly or monthly rather than an event or date driven frequency. For best results; diminish the amount of promotional content in your email newsletters. No more than 20% of your email newsletter object should surround promotions.

If you need to promote more than that, use promotional email format. Promotional email must focus on a sole promotion such as a single product or group of related products such as a sale. Promotional emails are usually date driven or their triggered by specific actions such as a recent purchase, order inquiry. When using promotional emails, it’s best to put some but not all of the details about the promotion in the email itself. With the rest of the details on the website, you should invite people and so you know how many people were interested in learning more about the promotion.

Another type of promotion is an event invitation. Event invitations can focus on one event or a series of events. Events are highly date driven, and usually require a series of emails and similar formats to get a good overall response. Make sure you plan out your event invitations on a calendar to avoid over communication. An email announcement is a format that sent when no specific response is expected on the part of the recipient; examples include greetings, thank you messages, press releases and order confirmations. Sending these email formats, will focus on relationship building, as opposed to generating immediate sales or leads. Sometimes it’s good to receive an email that doesn’t ask you to do anything. Email formats are most effective when your email designs and layouts are a good match for the format you choose.