Digital marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

In this world of technology, traditional media and digital marketing they are becoming important tools for how we behave professionally and how we share a business tools. What differentiates traditional marketing and digital marketing is actually very simple. Traditional marketing will costs very high; but it also very relevant and necessary. The biggest distinguishing factor between them is digital marketing gives you answers immediately and is tractable; you know what’s working and not right away.

Traditional marketing doesn’t really give you answers immediately; that does not mean that you are not getting response or much of a return on your investment. There is a unique balance between the two. How much digital marketing should be incorporated into a brand? What separates these two is the brand’s vision and mission; what the brand wants to achieve based on these?

Distinguishing both, we can come up with the appropriate marketing plan of digital or traditional or a mix of both. In today’s market, we know that a mix of both traditional and digital is what gets the best return. The main benefits and downsides of traditional marketing are:


<![if !supportMisalignedColumns]>  The Key benefits of modern digital marketing are:  <![if !supportMisalignedColumns]>  Scope of the Book:Today, time has changed and people want information instantly at the click of their fingertips. They are gathering to the web to find products, services and information. In this book will first create a foundation by defining how digital marketing works and identifying its dissimilarities and components. Planning and online marketing strategy will be also discussed which determine your target audience and measuring the results of your marketing efforts. Preparation and build a website is crucial for the accomplishment of your online marketing strategy. From creating a site map and building a wireframe to selecting a domain and hosting company will explore the necessary steps for getting your site up and running. For there, we will tackle the key elements for establishing a web presence including making, convincing, online content in the form of articles, social media posts, and online press releases and even email newsletters. Prominent website content is able to only take you so far without having an audience; so we will cover how to reach and develop your viewers through victorious search engine marketing including search engine optimization and paid in local search. There is a requirement of harnessing the power of social media including facebook, twitter and linkedin in addition to blogging to stay your viewers updated, well-versed and engaged and finally will try analyze online advertising in addition to email marketing to assist or gain precious sales and exposure.  

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Downside to Traditional Marketing

You can easily reach your target local audience.

Print or radio advertisements can be very costly.

The materials can be kept.

Results on this marketing strategy cannot easily be measured

It’s easy to understand.

It is somewhat complicated

Benefits of Digital Marketing

You can target a local audience, but also an international one

Your audience can choose how they want to receive your content

Interaction with your audience is possible

Digital marketing is cost-efficient

Data and results are easily recorded

Level playing field

Real time results

Brand Development