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Effective email marketing campaigns

Effective email marketing campaigns 


A good test of an Effective email marketing campaigns is whether or not the email generates immediate sales or move people closer to a purchase decision.

In short, your email should invite action and decision making.

 Events in emails, typically engage clicking on links which may include text links, images, buttons and other graphics. Email links are of two varieties; external web links and internal navigation links.

External links open a browser window of the person who clicks on the link which is directed to a webpage.

You can also create links to files stored on the server and links can open up an email program installed on your subscriber’s computer.

Emails received on a mobile device could also interpret as a phone number or an address as a link.

Phone numbers in the text of your email dial the phone number when hover over & addresses can link to an online map or map application.

There is no need to program these types of links.A mobile campaign can identify them automatically.

Internal links also known as anchor links point refers to content within the email.

You may use internal links to help the person reading your emails to skip to content underneath the display from the peak of the email and hop back to the top of the email from the bottom.

You can also use collects of internal links like a table of contents to list the articles or sections of your email.

This will allow someone to quickly jump to that section of email without scrolling. When creating text links the best practice is to avoid using the expression “click here” as the link; as an alternative use an action word or phrase as the link.

For example; a link to add an item to online shopping may say “buy the item” instead of  “To buy this item, Click Here”.

The more descriptive you create your text links, the superior possibility you have of inviting a click.

A link that reads more information is not as expressive as a link that studies download the 60-page catalog.

When creating image links, the best practices are to contain some text in the image, appealing the click and explaining what the image link points to.

Some images are sensitive as links, so the text is a necessary, examples include pictures of products that link to more information about the product, company logos pointing to the homepage of a website, audio icons such as a play button that looks like a speaker.

Speaking videos and other files using links to deliver files/videos to email subscribers by no means fix videos, pictures, documents or other files to your email because email filters and bloggers are infamous for banding attachments, bouncing emails with attachments and filtering emails with attachments to a junk folder.

Creating links and including them in your emails important step toward making actionable emails.