Assorted Wisdom

Exploring the Interface

You need to log in to set up your profile. You will find yourself a page similar to this. You can see here on the left-hand side, it’s a small miniature view of the profile. I have my name, Twitter handle, cover photo, my profile image along with how many tweets I have sent out. How many followers i have and also how many people i follow.

 Let’s start by looking at the top of the page, you find here that the home icon has a blue line under it and that indicates that we were currently on this page. From here, we can select notifications, messages, discover or all in the right hand side, we can search twitter, interact with our profile and settings or even choose to publish a tweet.


Click on the notifications heading and you will notice that this one icon above the little bell symbol. Here,  you can see the interactions with other twitter users like favourites, re-tweets and who has recently followed you. Now, the messages tab will show any direct messages that were sent to me from another Twitter user.

On the discover tab you can explore tweets activities get recommendations on followers or even find friends. I use this section often to get a feel for what’s happening. It might be a tweet or re-tweeting, the conversation worthy of a not reply or a potential influence worth following. In the search box, we can type a phrase or word or even a user name and we can search the entire twitter environment for that particular topic. If you were to click on your profile image, you have the option to view your lists; find help, to look at the keyboard shortcuts and so on and so forth. In the upper right-hand corner if you select tweet that’s where you compose a new tweet or choose X in the upper right-hand corner to close.


 In the centre of the screen there is timeline or news feed and this is going to bring all of the relevant tweets from the people that you have chosen to follow along with some Ads. Take time to familiarise yourself with your face on Twitter, which is important to have a solid clutch of where to find the most pertinent information, as this allows you to quickly respond to messages, craft engaging content and identify trends that might be helpful to participate.

 Business Objectives:

To become successful on Twitter, you need to recognise your core marketing objectives. A high-level lots, is what you’re hoping to accomplish by understanding your objective, you will be able quickly to identify whether or not your efforts are roasted out. Now for some brands, Twitter might simply be a customer support hub, a place to respond to clientele and engage with your society. The goals might be measured on the qualitative scale that is to say you will have to decide if the quality of your engagements is worth the effort. For the brands, your focus may be the types of responses and comments your brand receives that determine how valuable the overall effort is?

The last major focus for brand might be the actual sales or traffic component. You may include links to your website, promotional opportunities for your products and product announcements. This objective is highly quantitative and can be measured directly through the revenue. You can have multiple objectives but the key is to identify your primary objective and build your strategy around that focus. If sales are the goal, you need to attract followers by building high quality tweets that gain threshold and include relevant calls to action to encourage the sales. But with that said,  you will still want to provide customer service and generate brand recognition in the process. Take a few minutes to write out your marketing objective for Twitter and decide if you be measuring the results by the quality.