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Now just like your twitter profile, your Facebook business page is a conservatory of your brand; how it looks etc. and how quickly your customers respond are all critical to your success. Now, right away here on the Facebook page for AmazonIndia, you consider they’ve got a visual cover photo along with the logo as the profile photo.


But, more than that if you scroll down on this page you’ll notice where you’ll see some additional information. Here AmazonIndia has opted to include a short description about what they are; along with a link to their website.

You can actually add even more information if you’d like and you can learn more about that when you choose to set up your Facebook page.

If I go back to the timeline you can see that a Facebook page also includes photos; so we can click in the photos to see all the photos that AmazonIndia has published and those can even be organized into albums. We can also see the likes and if we click more we can see any custom pages that Amazon has created.

Now to set up a page, you’ll start out by logging into your personal Facebook account and your personal account won’t be visibly connected to your business page. So, it’s ok to be using your personal account and from any Facebook page; you can choose the crate page option in the upper right-hand corner or visit Facebook.com/pages; where you have the option to create your own Facebook page and you’ll follow the prompts and the instructions to go ahead and do so.


Be relevant; pick the right category and be sure to include a link back to your website. As you build out your page, think about your target audience you identified in your marketing strategy and then post content that will engage them. Visitors who choose to follow you might see those posts in their feet.

A typical Facebook user follows many pages and has a lot of friends posting updates; so more engaging and relevant your content, the better likelihood it has of being seen. So, be sure to experiment with different kinds of posts; you can find out if your audience loves photos or if they prefer you shared useful links.

I recommend that you leverage your existing marketing channels to drive awareness to your Facebook efforts. It can take time to get a meaningful audience but if you continue to deliver quality content you’ll eventually find meaningful traction.


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