Facebook High-Quality Posts

Facebook High-Quality Posts


Deliver High-Quality Posts:

The first step in making high quality content for Facebook is deciding on your goal. In other words what action do you want after they read your content?

We may compel them to take that deed and what sustaining information can you offer to help combat any doubts. Take a minute to answer those questions since doing so will help you by a framework for building that high quality content.

High quality content actually require linking with your viewers with the right message at the right time and as you go about developing your content, considers that more than a third of Facebook users are viewing from their mobile device and this means that the amount of content displayed on the screen for truncates is going to be less.

You may want to try to aim for around 250 characters. Your audience might enjoy long form content or even extremely short status updates.

But, if you need a place to start, try to aim for 250 characters; and that is a good starting place and it keeps your content easy and unpalatable.

The type of content you decide to promote will also way into the quality of your post; consider using eye-catching images with any content you post; you can even experiment with using links or videos as both are something that Facebook supports.

When you’re just getting started, it’s a really good idea to try all kinds of different posts to see which one gets the most attention. Visual posts tend to look better and also get a lot more shares , likes, & comments than other type of posts for most brands.

You can also try post that is offers or even creating an event for a special occasion. Use the level of responsiveness on each particular piece of content to engage how well it does.

This way you can compare how well photo to your audience versus say a strictly text post and experiment; try throwing in info graphics maybe behind-the-scenes photo. Change it up from time to time and see if your audience responds positively.