Facebook Rich media in Posts

On Facebook, photo posts are king and the rapid success of platform such as Instagram and pay interest which are very image heavy; only help reinforce that idea. People love looking at photos and they are a grand way to drive extra consideration to your posts. Now, remember when you select an image or photo make sure to keep it relevant to your brand for your message. I’ve gone ahead and pulled the Facebook page for jetairways¬† and get a sense of what a different brand is doing.


Now, scroll down the page you can see what they’re using visual images along with video in all of their Facebook posts and this again helps reinforce the idea that photos are popular. If I go to the yatra.com Facebook page you’ll see that they’re following that same idea, big rich imagery that catches your attention and reinforces the text of the actual post.


When you go to add rich media there’s a couple ways that you can do it. First in your status update section you can choose the photo/video option and then simply select to upload photos or video file or you can even create a photo album which has multiple photos associated with your post.

Now another with you can do this is by pasting in the URL of the content you want to share. You’ll see that right away what Facebook does is it grabs the relevant image from the website and automatically positions and places it for you so. Here you can see it’s grabbed the screenshot from Photos. If you wanted to change that you can choose the uploaded image option. Now, you can even go in and delete the link from the status update and write something different. Experiment with rich media in your posts because a simple photo can go a long way in increasing engagement of your content.

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