Assorted Wisdom

Finding Relevant Topics and Conversations

There’s a few great ways that you can identify potential clients on twitter or even find relevant conversations. You can use search, advanced search or even explore the followers of any influences. Now, the primary goal of search is to recognise discussion that people have. People converse about all sorts of things on Twitter. They discuss sports, major life events, news, restaurant and products they use. Hundreds of millions tweets fly around twitter everyday. The probability someone is having a discussion that you can add value to it is really high. Have you ever been in a coffee shop and you overheard a conversation you could add value to? Some of us jump right in and will hand our business card and pitch our product; others  aren’t as comfortable with that strategy and we miss out.

Twitter is like a colossal coffee shop, where you can look for the exact conversations you want to jump into and because Twitter is all about having your message seen, it’s appropriate to send and reply to re-tweet or mention when you discover a hidden gem. To be successful at  searching, start by making a list of keywords that relates to your business or products or even your competitors. Imagine yourself in a coffee shop, a trade show or anywhere that you are likely to find leads. Make another list of the phrases or keywords that would indicate to you; a better opportunity for you to make a sale. Maybe it’s people talking about a specific issue or a problem they’re having; maybe you sell digital cameras and you search for issues about them.

Once you’ve got that list, you can use the search feature here in the top right corner of Twitter and enter those terms. If I find a conversation that looks right, maybe someone talking about a broken camera, I could engage in them in a few ways. First, re-tweet them if it’s in line with my brand. Then they will receive notification and they might click on my handle to see what I’m about. Secondly, I may just reply to them,  ask them if they’ve seen our business or need help with their particular problem. Authentic conversations will come across as less sales oriented and people are respected more for this.

Lastly, I might mention them in the tweet. It depends on the context of what they’re saying. To really unlock the power house of search, I suggest watching  and running a Twitter or Twitter for business. The last great way to identify leads is to look at influences in your niche. So I could take a look at a list of followers from  If I click on the following option here on the Twitter page, I can see all of the accounts that amazon are following. I might look for a few accounts that have a lot of followers or are in the same niche as me. Then I’ll tweet something to them, perhaps re-tweet it to their audience. Explore the various options available to you and decide which works best for finding those topics and conversations that you need to join.