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How to use Google Adwords

How to use Google Adwords

Using Google AdWords to measure the competition:

Google can tell us a lot about how competitive markets all in different countries and industries. In most cases, there is a direct correlation between the indicative cost per click that the market this prepare to pay and the market competition.

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However, there can be exceptions in some industries the lifetime value of the customer is much higher and for that reason even with little competition, companies are willing to pay a lot additional per click.

For example, the University that sells a three-year degree program would value students total spin at approximately $70,000 over three years and it would be willing to pay around $25 per click to attract students.

The college on the other hand that sells one day Excel course would value the students initial spin to be perhaps $100 and might be another hundred and $50 over the next three years. Here it might be willing to play a maximum of only $0.25 to $.45 per click to attract the students.

Measure the competition

Now let’s look at how to measure the competition for these keywords by using Google’s free tools. So, we go to the Google AdWords and in the tool section on the keyword planner, we go to the gets search volume data and trends.

Now we are going to enter the keywords that the university students all likely to search for and the college students and will compare the two.

University students are likely to search for an IT degree or MBA in information technology, where is the college students are probably going to search for an Excel course or IT short courses. 

Now scroll down and just click on the get search volume. Google tells us that for an Excel course there might be 590 searches per month and for IT degree course 1900 and so it also indicates that for shorter courses, a customer might have a shorter lifetime and value cost much cheaper. 

Excel course would be 3.75 but an IT degree which is a much longer course there is a high volume of the student and it will cost 31 pounds per click. The same goes for the other examples that we used.

We should try to use these insights to make better decisions an example of how an excellent researcher would do this is if you could find internal company data to present management with evidence that the users of the Excel course won’t be proven tools approaches IT degree of the later course. 

In this case, you could actually avoid competing on the more expensive keyword such as IT degree and focus on selling an Excel course first off to which you would upsell IT degree to the same users thereby avoiding completely to compete on the more expensive keywords. Remember that research is only the beginning of how we interpret the findings of the actions that we take it.


Google Search String to find the completion:


In this lesson, we’re going to research the competition of using the few Google search phrases to inquire about specific information.

Let’s imagine you’re starting a new website and it will be important to know where the competition is?

What is the position in the market? If you are able to find out a few things about the competition’s website and online market, what is it that you would like to note? We may propose three questions;

Firstly, we going to laws how many website pages do they have? We may want to list media and affiliate websites linking to the website.

You might also want to ask how many similar competing websites already exist.








For example, we do use free well-known search strings on Google for the first question we will simply say site:; the second question link: and for the third question relate

Let’s head over to Google and see what this would look like. we enter site: and click on enter button and Google suggests that there are roughly one and half million pages on the domain now if we enter link: and hit the search button Google tell us that they are all roughly 130 free websites that are linking to link:

Now moving on to the next question we will simply say relates: and click on search button and Google will show us that they know other websites that are closely related to

Please note that when you’re using Google search strings, you have to be specific they should focus for example you say site: holding one line this will work correctly however easy say a site with a space for it will not work equally easy say site: with the space this will not work.









There are of course many good-looking aggregators that the present the same information as Google. It will be appearing on fancy dashboards and so forth and I’m certainly fascinated by fancy looking? as it is costly. 

These are premium tools some of these tools include some of the and you can see that the free version provides us with an aggregate and it will show was the entire website that the related to

Google search can help us in digital marketing research but would encourage you to go to Google and try this yourself with other examples.






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