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Growing Your Friends Count in Facebook

Growing Your Friends Count in Facebook

With your Facebook page under way, you may be looking to gain those all important friends. As you increase your friends base, you will be increasing your reach. The more friends you have, the more opportunities your content is seen and shared. So, Facebook friends likes, comment or share one of your posts, their network of friends and family see that backing on their individual news feed. For example; let’s say that you saw this post. Have you had your multi view’s today, either here on the business page or in my timeline and if you like it, you will choose the like option. As a person what would happen is Facebook might then distribute that to my friends in their news feed.

So they would log into Facebook and see that you had liked this particular post by business page and their potential been compelled to either read the content and click the link or move on to your Facebook page. Now, the truth is, you would hope that this causes a user to then visit your Facebook page and like you. So, they see this content they then click on business page, they come to your Facebook page and a click like but that’s rarely the case. Friends usually don’t do that. So the first thing you want to do as you begin to establish your Facebook page is grow those initial likes and then we’ll talk about ways to get people to make that conversion to like your page in just a minute.

So the first steps are to gain those first friends and you can do that by letting people know about your page and it’s fairly straightforward. So, from your Facebook page, in the upper right-hand corner you will choose the build audience drop-down and you’ll see that you have some options; invite friends, suggest page and promote page. Now promote page will be a paid option; you have to pay for advertising to drive awareness to this page and if you’re interested in that then take a look at Facebook’s advertising fundamentals for a great starting point. In this case, we just want to do it for free and so I can do the first option, click invite friends and what they’ll do is let me type in any friends I am connected to personally on Facebook and I can invite them to come like the page.

You might be more interested in sending out an email to anyone in your contact list. So if you have a list of current customers, say in mail chimp or just in your own email client. You can take that mailing list and send everybody a notice that says they come like my Facebook page and you can do that right from the Facebook interface by choosing the suggest page option. So, I selected this with a pop-up and we can upload a contact list file. We can even upload the contacts if you’re using mailchimp constant contacts or even Yahoo. You will simply follow the prompts after you click upload contacts put up to 5000 emails in and send off an email.

The next big question is what motivates someone to like a Facebook page and typically it’s usually an incentive. So users are highly motivated by special deals, offers or coupons that they couldn’t get outside of this Facebook page. So, look to create unique opportunities, for reasons as to why fans should like your page. Now, historically you were allowed to trade content for naturally or organically and that’s a good thing because you really do only want people who genuinely want to like your page to interact with your content. This will be a much better experience.

Now, a great way to get more likes on your page is to install the Facebook like button on your website or blog and you can do that by using the Facebook developer section. To get here you go to developers and then find the sharing tab on the left and to social plug-in; alternatively you can go directly to the URL or do a Google search for Facebook like button and you’ll get this option here to customise a like button.

 It says URL to like and they put in the developers URL to start. Which you want to do is paste in the URL of your Facebook page. Now export doesn’t have their own custom URL yet, but if you did have your own custom URL you could paste that there as well. What you see happens, all click on the box and the preview shows you what this looks like and who else likes this page. You can modify that by un-checking the show friends faces; you can un-check the include share button and you can also use the drop-down to change the layouts. If you wanted the box count which looks like this you can select from the layout drop-down.