Assorted Wisdom

How to conduct Ethical Research

How can digital marketing research help you in your career or the business we work? In a few moments I will walk you through why.  It is such useful skills to list. Firstly, when we look at the area of consumer research, before investing huge amounts things like product expansion or content marketing, we can actually measure consumer demand through quantitative research. Which gives reason for the next steps that we require to take enough strategy. Before, write about the possibilities of online investigation, we can even utilise it to get better prospect products or services. For example; by analysing quality feedback from one online consumer, reviews or by sharing it with our research and development team.

Consumer Research

 Measure consumer demand – quantitative research

 Better strategic decisions

 Product development – qualitative research

Secondly, we can also do opponent research. Can you think of any business today which does not have competition?  To become an alarming contestant, it engages so much more than simply copying good-looking websites. We need to know a lot more; like how many pages or content the website has? What is the approximate traffic sources and more importantly what a fruitful investment would be required to compete on equal terms?

Competitor Research

 Goes beyond website aesthetics

 Website metrics: ages, visitor levels, and traffic sources

 Overall comparison of competitor landscape

The ability to provide this sort of research to a number of websites, can provide us with an overall view of the competitive landscape. Consequently, the aptitude to perform digital marketing research constraints how business intelligence influences the strategic decisions that we make. Fortunately, consumers leave launch collective and individual digital footprints on the web, which is valuable to digital marketers. For competitors, there is a sign that they can run but they can’t hide because research can tell us so much about the completion. Yes, there are infinite areas of research that could be of interest but to provide you with a solid foundation, this book will focus on the following.

Firstly, in our introduction to online research will cover qualitative and quantitative research. We will become acquainted with the largest online ecosystems, where researchers gathered and discussed some of the research limitations. Then, in research on consumer demand, we will learn practical tips on how to measure consumer demand through online ecosystems like Google, Facebook and Amazon. 

Next, we will look at research on the competition. Here, we will learn how to use Google and LinkedIn to research the competition. Finally, we will put knowledge into action, where we will provide solution in the forms of a case study to demonstrate how effectual study can be carried out. To bring to a close, digital marketing research enables us to gather useful information about patrons and contestant which can be used for better decision-making.