Assorted Wisdom

Incentives for customers

It’s a common misconception that people are not willing to share their email addresses. Actually, they are like to share if you just converse the value of your email list effectively. The ideas exchange value for information, the more valuable your email the more people will sign up to receive that value. There are three essential behaviours, so you can make the most of the value of subscribing to your email list. The first way is to make the information you set in your emails precious. For example, an adviser could offer free advice via his or her email newsletter. You can also provide your subscribers an instant incentive for joining the email list.

Immediate incentives are usually offered to subscribers in the shape of an automated email sent to the email address used for the subscription. Use your automated emails to send discount’s, a coupon, precious download, access to a special video, free product/service or anything else that has instant advantage to the new subscriber. For the best results, offer something related to your products or services as opposed to offering a free gift on relation to your core business. This way you get a prospect who is just as interested in what your businesses is what you’re giving away; for example, restaurant could offer a free meal to anyone who links the email list by transferring a coupon to everybody who subscribes. In addition to immediate incentives you can also present the same reimbursements in the future. The benefit of future incentives is the fact that you can send new subscribers a few emails before they receive the incentive.