Assorted Wisdom

Interface of Facebook

Facebook is fairly spontaneous and I would like to give you a quick tour of the interface so you to know what to expect. Now, I’m logged in and I am visiting this page AmazonBest Deals which I have decided and since I am in admin of the page when I visited. I get a little different view than what the public sees.

The field right away is at the top of the screen, I have the page option highlighted. There is also an activity tab and the settings tab along the right-hand side. We have a build audience dropped down, which it has some paid options and free options, of inviting friends. This has the ability to get to the ads manager and if we need help, we can find that in the top right-hand corner. Here, on the right-hand side we have some glance information. So you can see how many page likes received this week and how many unread notifications/messages we have. Now, this page doesn’t have any activities so that’s why we are seeing little value. In the upper left-hand corner, we can change the profile picture. One thing that’s great is, if you choose the activity tab, you can view all of your notifications, messages and requests in one place.

It is also a great place to see any posts that you have scheduled or drafts of content that you’ve created. Here in the bottom left-hand side, you can invite some friends to like this page. Next is the settings tab and this is where you can configure all of the information about your page. The first thing we have is some general settings and this is your page visibility, how people can contact you, any moderation, such as words that are blocked from your page and even the ability to turn on the filter. So along the left-hand side, we can view various information such as apps, page roles and notifications. You notice that the page’s info section is here and is the second option. If you click on it, it’s going to tell you that this has moved. So if you’re using Facebook, you’ll now have to go to the about tab and is a link here to that visit about top.

So, we go here and you can see the about tab is selected, just below the cover photo. This is where you can edit all of your page information. It is also where you can get your custom Facebook address by choosing the enter a Facebook web address option and you can follow the prompts there to create a web address for this page. Facebook does have a mobile application called Facebook pages which is a worthwhile download especially if you will be interacting with your marketing efforts on the go.