Limitation of Digital Marketing Research

My research is ever not 100% accurate.  In any research there are usually limitations and digital marketing research certainly no exception because of many reasons; fro which why accuracy can be affected. Let?s just blame a few of them: Firsstly, cultural differences. Some cultures are very open and discussed almost anything on social media. On the other hand, some are less open and people to express themselves the Republican.

This makes it harder to generalize our findings on the global scale which consider regional and regulatory limitations. Facebook and Google represents the sentiment of many people around the world but in countries like China and Russia other solutions are currently in place.  Market share can also vary if you’re using Google to determine the market demand is worth noting. Google’s market share your country could be different.  For example the UK Google is almost 85% of the market share but in the USA it has about 70%. The high of the market share, the more accurate way they can represent the data that we produce. Then, it’s also worth noting that off-line inquiries and phone sections are not recorded online. Conventional trading is very much alive still there is full. Therefore, online demand doesn?t demand total demand for a product. If 1 million people searched for an item online, they may well be another million people didn’t use the item But physically went to a stole the search for their product equally.

Research Accuracy Factors

? Culture differences

? Regional and regulatory limitations

? Market share varies

? Offline transactions not considered


It is useful to point out to stakeholders that the findings of our research are approximate and indicative without claiming 100% accuracy. It is something for you to think about what factors all likely to affect the accuracy of your research? At work what of the ecosystems that you will use for measurement. These are very good questions to ask before getting started.

[Be Honest with Stakeholders

What factors can affect the accuracy of your research at work?]

As you can see conducting digital marketing research can give you access to all sorts of data and insight about her customers and competitors. These data can help you make informed decisions to grow your business and reach even more customers. You like to learn more about digital marketing research. There are a few resources and I recommend firstly explore the analytics. Be sure to check out the Google analytics that gives you detailed look at how you can use Google analytics to uncover insights about your company.