Assorted Wisdom

Meaning of Digital Marketing

According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is just like a sunshade for the marketing of goods or services using digital know-how. For instance, internet together with mobile phones, exhibits advertising and any other digital means. Digital marketing has stretched since the 1990’s and has altered the way of branding and marketing technologies. Digital marketing campaigns are now a day’s becoming more widespread, as digital stands are gradually more included into marketing plans and as people use more digital devices, instead of going to traditional physical shops.

This includes search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), influence marketing, content marketing, campaign marketing, content automation, e-commerce marketing, social media optimisation, social media marketing, display advertising, e-mail marketing, Ebook’s, games and other forms of digital media platform. It also enlarges to other channels, such as mobile phones (SMS & MMS) etc.

Digital marketing is also referred to internet marketing, online marketing, or web marketing etc. In the USA, the term online marketing is still widespread. In Italy and the UK it is termed as web marketing, even worldwide as a whole, the term digital marketing is a common term. Traditional marketing has shifted from linear marketing platforms such as, one-way communication to be a value exchange model. Where there is two-way mutual side platform and benefits are sharing between service provider and consumer as well.  Now marketing platforms are more non-linear, free & elegant to both one to one and one-to-many and many-to-one. Digital marketing identifies areas to improve, as well as leverage new opportunities is where success lies.

  Digital marketing works not only to help in acquiring customers, but be used as a power hub support on repeat sales, acquisition and retention. Truly,the  meaning of marketing means maximising associations. We must also address the art and science of digital marketing. There is a close heart relationship in marketing and sale that makes marketing matter. There are few touch points to make a sale. Touch points can be a referral web search, a social media, a press release, getting email or seeing an online advertising. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to continually connect with accessible customers as well as enlist present customers.

Online public relations are another area within a cover, where you could become your individual media manager to increase your credibility and visibility. Social media is one of the key component’s today and is the biggest piece of the online marketing runner today. Which is going to include everything from a blog to Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin etc. Even comparison shopping sites and online advertising, where you are paid to be found and can be on display ads like banner advertisements or in search engine. Even email newsletters and lastly the most valuable piece of marketing real estate, is the website itself.

Digital marketing help to receive perspective customers to know, like and trust. The web changes per minute and the way we work, communicate, spend time or spend money. The chief online promotion distinctions are that it is 24/7. This means even when you are sleeping, online marketing is up and working for you. The worldwide visibility can open your business to a global market. Another distinction is the ability to capture sales, leads online, directly, and you can reach a much targeted market. So even if you have products or services in certain places, you can affordably make these places found to people who want specifically what you are offering.

In summary, these all help to maximise your customer acquisition and retention, by saving your time, money and human resources. Now, consumers are more empowered and expect information at the click of their fingertips. Therefore, a strong digital marketing presence can give you a huge competitive advantage.