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Media Tweets

Media Tweets

Conveying your message in 140 characters to linkages. So for that, adding extra value and context to your Tweets consider embedding photos or video.

So for that, adding extra value and context to your Tweets consider embedding photos or video.

You will see again, I’m on the Twitter page and if I scroll down you will see the first couple of tweets here, not only includes some text but also have an eye-catching image or videos.

Images really help to provide some context to what we are talking about.

As you can imagine in a busy news feed, as users scrolling through, this image is going to pop out significantly.

Better than just a text tweet; and this is very true to the social landscape which has shifted over the years.

Text updates were once the norm but now rich media is prevalent, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

According to a study performed by Buddy media, tweets with images drive almost double the engagement.

So, when selecting a photo or video it is important, however, to consider the relevance of what you are posting.

You want the media to draw attention to the post you publish and that media should really reinforce the message.

It can be enticing to employ an image with a lot of text overlaid on top, sort of as a way of gaining extra than 140 characters.

But I suggest you stay away from that temptation.

The law of Twitter and why it works is because everything is so concise.

The audience on Twitter isn’t looking for a lofty statement but that can be consumed at an instant.

Twitter makes it very straightforward to share images; again on using the desktop version but it’s very similar to mobile.

Choose the composer tweet option in the upper right-hand corner, and then you can simply choose the add photo option to include a picture.

From here you can follow the prompts to select the image you’d like to upload.

Now, Twitter has an added support for multiple images in a single tweet and this is cool because the end result is sort of a miniature gallery.

You might use this feature if you’re posting photos of a new product, the recent event or a behind-the-scenes tour.

 Media TweetsNow just because Twitter allows for images, doesn’t mean you have to or necessarily should always include the maximum.

Remember the core theme of Twitter is to be relevant.

So if it feels like it’s too much, it probably is.

One thing I should point out is, in addition to embedding the photo directly in the tweet, if you’re looking to integrate a video; its just as straightforward.

You want to host your video on a major hosting site such as YouTube and from there you’ll grab the link and paste it directly into your Tweet.

Try experimenting with rich media in your tweets; a simple photo can go a long way in increasing the engagement of your post.

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