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How to get more followers on Twitter

How to get more followers on Twitter

In order to achieve your objective on Twitter, you will require attracting more followers. More followers, the more exposure your messaging will have.

A follower is somebody who has elected to take delivery of your update in their timeline and this is the main focus of businesses on Twitter.

Receiving followers is alike to receiving likes on Facebook.

The difference here is that 100% of your tweets will be brought to the timeline of your group in sequential order and you can see how many followers you have your twitter profile.

When you are just starting out, it is going to take some time before you generate momentum. The first hundred or consequently followers will be very demanding.

If you continue to distribute meaningful and interesting content that number will rise. The first hundred followers can be said as your seed followers.

They’re likely going to be intentionally sought after. They will help to re-amplify your message to their audience and help you to find new followers. So, to find your seed followers first turn on your existing network.

If you have an email list of customers, a close group of work colleagues, influence the context you already have and share your twitter handle with them. It’s not a big commitment to follow someone on twitter.

5 steps to more twitter followers 

You shouldn’t see too much resistance in your task. With your initial audience in place it’s time to grow and attract new followers and here are five guidelines to help you on your way;

Step 1

Tweet often and this means tweeting frequently, every day as much relevant and exciting content as you have.

You really can’t over tweet as you’re starting out, so feel free to try new things and experiment with lots of tweets and on that bare in mind that your audience has a lot going on in their feed.

They only go to be interested and excited about things that are new, novel and relevant. Think back earlier when we’re talking about those things that make a great tweet.

Step 2

Join conversations and re-tweet content. Get active on twitter as you explore twitter, you have your feed, reply to people, re-tweet content, responed, and follow those hashtags; really immerse yourself in what’s happening on Twitter and as you do so, people come and visit your profile see what you’re about and hopefully follow you

Step 3

Share your profile on other mediums and this means putting your twitter handle on your website, your business cards, your Facebook page, maybe at the bottom of the YouTube video if you’re doing any online video marketing.

Use your twitter handle whatever you can to drive attention and awareness.

Following only the relevant users and people that are going to be in your space because the ideas that you can re-tweet their content.

You can see what’s happening in your niche and you can share that and redistribute that to your audience.

Step 4

Keep tweeting as if you have 10,000 followers and if your message is unique and you target the correct audience should see some impressive gains over time.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 1 2 3 and 4







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