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Basic Necessities of Social Media

Basic Necessities of Social Media

The first thing you want for social media marketing, is to make sure you are set up to collect data. Data is necessary to make a decision on your social media efforts.

At a basic level, you should have Google analytics set up & running on the website. It’s fairly easy to get established with Google analytics but if you would like to dig deeper, check on Google analytics.

Here, if you like to drive traffic to your site from social posts, we also recommend creating custom links and you can track the success of each of those efforts. A great tool for this is bitly and you can find that at simply put your URL and it will create a nice shortened version and then you can check how many clicks it received from your dashboard.

Consider how much time you or your team spend on social media. Plan at least an hour a day. You have to remember that you need to write a copy, make designs and find images to support your message and evaluate your results so that you can improve strategy.

Think about your own experiences with brands on social media. Have you ever visited a Twitter profile or Facebook page of a brand and felt it was idle and outdated. What perception did you have in that situation? It’s never a good experience for a customer to encounter the miscellany of a failed social media plan.

Next is about what resources you have available. Are you doing this yourself? Can you educate an important person in your group to help you? Will you hire a freelancer one?  You might decide it’s worth it to pull out more helped and finally pencil out your budget.

What are you planning to spend even if hat is not covering any paid advertising. You will still need to make sure the time you or your team will be in spending on marketing.

For Example; your hourly rate and include that, as part of your spend time is money, which means social media is actually free with your foundation set up.