Assorted Wisdom

Solution of the Challenge

Now we are going to provide a solution to these four questions and draw up a report of fact. Firstly, we head over to the Google adwords and we click on tools>keyword planner and we scroll down to get the search volume data and trends. To make sure that your filtering reflect one of these that we searching for in the United Kingdom. So it’s targeting the United Kingdom and we start off by entering our most commonly searched keyword or at least the keyword that you think people will be searching for most commonly.

In our case it is “book” and we scroll down to Get Search Volume. The tool instantly return the results and in this case we can see that there is an average monthly search volume of 110,000 searches for this particular keyword. The competition is quite high but this does not represent the total volume, because people might actually search for other search terms that we don’t know. Someone may look a little further to see what else they could be searching for. They head over to tools again to keyword planner and click on search for new keywords using the phrase website for category. Enter “book” making sure it fits to the United Kingdom only and we click on get ideas. When we click on add group ideas, will see,  that there is mainly search terms that are frequently being used. Here you can select the ones that we think on the most relevant to our product and really learn more about how the consumers think and what sort of questions they’re asking when they search. We can select the relevant ones and export the data onto an Excel sheet.

We can actually remove the relevant data retaining only what is the most relevant. Then add them up to see what is the total search volume really that there is available. So you can take this data, click on download get it in the CSV file and then start sorting through the data. We simply use the data from a spreadsheet to calculate the approximate cost of acquiring 15% the monthly search traffic in this case when we use book our calculations suggest that the 15% off the UK search market every month, willing to spend around $7081. Management did find this quite useful but may actually decide to approve $14,000 over budget in order to talk to 30% of the market. Remember, that your findings may vary depending on the keywords that you decided.

Now,  we move onto the next phase of our research, we are going to check the competitor’s website to see how many pages they are indexed in Google. So we simply write on book to document which is the main competitor. Clicking on Google search and Google indicates that there is roughly 9,96,00,000 pages that are indexed for both amazon and Mac. So we know,  that in order to compete with this website for organic search results will need to create the least amount of pages.

Finally, to find out who the most prominent competitors all according to Google were going to use another search string and we going to write, relates to how long water filters document it into and Google will show us 1,52,00,000 results of websites that you consider to be very similar to how 

we carried out the individual parts of our research and balance of the questions we can follow this simple three-step process whereby we would analyse the data to consider what is relevant. When we drove on to reason from the data and finally were able to control the findings together and produce a report that all the stakeholders may find useful.


Using Amazon to measure Demand:

Using Amazon to measure the demand and measure consumer sentiment is quite easy. However, Amazon does not provide us with specific tools, that can produce inside the consumer searched item. Amazon does not reveal what items consumers couldn’t find. However, the items that were found and were purchased offer us with many pointers both in terms of qualitative and quantitative research. The easiest way to get started with Amazon is to have a look at the bestseller lists inside Amazon. Just go to Google and just type Amazon bestsellers and click on the link that will take you to amazon best seller website and now you console which are the department that you want to look at.

Now we head over to the Electronics department to see what we can find. As you can see, at the point of doing this research will to Fire Tablet seems to have been very much Demand in United States. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film was also in the moment. But there is so much more that they can be gather from Amazon. It is easy to use this tool in order to research consumer sentiment this can be done by scraping and analyzing consumer reviews. 

Average prices can be measured and if we know the wholesale price of the products. It is even possible to estimate the profit margins.  Species scraping technology may gather feedback and qualitative data presented to us in the spreadsheet will enable us to take our time and analyze the data and learn more about what consumers think about certain products.  You may be pleased to know that Amazon is not the only shopping ecosystem that we can scrape data from this commend him for any other website for example eBay.

Using Facebook:

Facebook is the world’s most prominent social media platform.  However we must remember that it does not have a leaving share of search market. Therefore Facebook, show us how many people searching for any particular field. 

However, they are other useful indicators which we can find when we use Facebook as a research tool. For example; whether there is a strong society support for fastidious brands or products. Here we can go to measure things like,Facebook likes, number of followers etc.  We could look at qualitative consumer research assists such as consumer sentiment. We can go to monitor the feedback and reviews across Facebook that we can find. 

Also look at consumer behaviour related to online purchases that is because Facebook permits us to talk with visitors according to their online purchase behaviour as in the library. You will find very extensive resources to help you most of the Facebook marketing environment.  The insights produced by Facebook are different to that of Google.  You may still find it useful to complement your research with that was sold to think any competitive product see if you can find interesting conversations about them on Facebook. Try to assess the level of support for their brand also see how it relates to your own portable services.

 Using Google:

In Countries where Google represents the majority of the online search market, it is one of the best tools to measure the demand.  Google enables advertisers to measure the demand through a free tool called the Google keyword planner which is available to anyone who’s got the Google ad-words account. The Google keyword planner can promise all sorts of attractive data, for example how many monthly searches for a specific term or the relate to terms people searching for.  It can also show us of data for particular country and global data. 

Now let’s look at how to use the Google keyword planner which we will find once we looked into a Google ad-words account. Under the tools, go to gets search volume data and trends that we can simply enter the keywords that we want to know more about. So let’s imagine, we were a hotel group and widowed hotel in New Delhi,India and Mumbai but also interested to know about the market amount for hotels and other cities. So we go ahead and went into each of these keywords.  Now  scroll down we click on get search volume and within seconds you will provide us with some interesting information. We see from the results that hotels various about 673,000 searches per month for hotels 1,300 searches per month for hotels in Mumbai and 260 searches per month for hotels in New Delhi.

It is a great start but it is not conclusive because we can learn so much more. To see what else we may go to Google keyword planner we going to hit to a different category; search for new keywords using a phrase website and now we enter the keywords again hotels in New Delhi, Hotels in Mumbai and Hotels. Google will present us with some interesting information under two headings, it will give us at Ad Group Ideas and keywords ideas. Under ad group ideas, we will see groups of search phrases that will very similar  to main idea which authentically synonyms to be a regional keyword all related items. When we look at the volume of data Google provides us with we realise that the initial hotels in Delhi or Mumbai represents just a fraction of the searches that reflects the total hotel demands. Other Keywords such as Hotel last, hotels booking also stands for higher volume of data.

Here’s a tip for you; if you were want to do in-depth market research, gather together all the relevant results that Google provides us with on this page will added to the spreadsheet. Sort them out to find which is the most relevant to your regional idea,  find the combined total that give you the total amount of keywords ideas. Google will automatically display individual keyword searches that all really related to your regional ideas. Sometimes when we add up to some of the low volume of keywords to give a second far exceeds the volume of the original key phrase that we used. So we want to remain open-minded in our research as to what we might learn and how we might benefit from that.

Another useful feature is that with Google we can access data applicable specifically to certain countries so I’m the targeting options you may want to choose just one country; for example how many people living and while searching for a hotel in New Delhi. So repeating this individually can also tell us way in the wool of biggest amount laws for specific product and if you think about it we can lend very specific things such as local search phrases to people in India such differently than people in from us before they book a hotel in Boston. People are often surprised on the first axis searching from Google.

I encourage you to try this out yourself just remember that the market share Google has seen no specific country will of course affect the accuracy of your research. The bigger the market share is passing in any country, the more representative our research will be of the overall population.