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The Web Constantly Evolves

The Web Constantly Evolves


We can crack down key Influencers in various industries around the world, by using Linkedin. Remember since the web is constantly evolving, you should keep track of any rising online ecosystems and for this, you can use This tool shows you which are the biggest websites globally and also by country.

Quantitative Vs Qualitative research:

Now we’re going to learn about all types of online research. Before we get started, try to imagine what exactly it is that you want to know about a product, a company competitor.

Start with a question:

What exactly do you wish to know about a product, market, or competitor?

Then choose the best research method.

This will then enable you to decide which type of research would be best to use. Let’s look at the two types of research; firstly, there is quantitative research.

Here we will measure data and statistics which will reveal the numerical body, for example; how many visitors, how many web pages or how many monthly web searches?

Quantitative Research:

How many monthly visitors?

How many web pages?  

How many web searches?

Think of “numbers”

Qualitative Research:

Why and how?

What colour?

What style? Think of “details”.

Secondly, there is qualitative research where there would seem to understand how many rather go for analyzing why. For example, consumer reviews can tell us why people favour a certain product over another; or how they arrived at a decision to buy the preferred product. It is useful for a digital marketer to know about both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Both Method Can be useful

The finance manager may want to understand how much should it cost to generate a more through at the energetic.

Then we would use quantitative research to find out how many consumer search for a product and how much Google charges for the relevant advertising inventory.

On the other hand, let’s imagine that the development manager wants to know ways to improve the next public release; then we would use qualitative research to find out what consumers disliked about their existing product.

What consumers like about the competitor’s product and then absent features that consumers may want. Then we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, which is typically referred to as mixed method research.