Tools for Twitter

Tools for Twitter

There are hundreds if not thousands of tools available online to help you to manage Twitter marketing. If you’re looking to go beyond the standard interface, all give you a quick look at four of favorite twitter tools. These tools might not be the best fit for your objective. I am hoping to give you a starting point and help you see what options are available in the marketplace. The first tool is TweetDeck and you will find this at Now when you visit that URL it’s going to redirect you to this page here.

 and TweetDeck is a native twitter tool. It’s free and it really provides you with a source of power of options. It is a way to totally modify your Twitter experience. You can modify your views so you can have lists of search queries; say for example you want to monitor for mentions of a particular topic. You can also manage multiple accounts which are great if you’re keeping track of more than one brand.  You can see a little bit of what TweetDeck looks like above.


Again it’s great, you can create lists, save your searches, great custom timelines and look at all of your tweets.  The next tool is HootSuite and HootSuite is very similar to TweetDeck except for the fact that allows you to connect across all of your social media profiles using twitter, Facebook and Google plus. You can manage it all from one place.


This makes content distribution really easy now; one thing I will point out is that HootSuite cost money and all clicks on the plan’s option; you can see what plan options are available.

Do you have a free account but the features are fairly limited; in the next account starts at $9.99 amount. So keep that in consideration as you explore these tools.

The third tool want to show you is called buffer and you’ll find that at Buffers really cool; especially if you’re trying to manage a very active Twitter feed. With the buffer, you can collect content from around the web and put it all in a queue.

A buffer will then automatically distribute content from your cue to your twitter feed at the frequency and timing what you dictate. Also really like that buffer has an extension you can add to your browser and this way you can quickly post relevant articles and information into your queue.

A buffer is free with limited features or you can check out the awesome plan which will choose the bottom of the page and you can look at the costs associated there.











The next company I want to talk about is ifttt and you find that It stands for if this then that and it’s a rules-based trigger system.








So, you would set a rule such as if someone mentions my username then send me an email; I’m going to choose to learn more here in the top right corner and show you what this calls for recipe and that’s the if this and that this is the trigger then that in the that is the action and if you scroll down you’ll see that they have all of these ingredients and recipes, away a sort of customize and create all of these various triggers and actions.

You can also manage multiple accounts by setting it to automatically tweet everything you post on Facebook or your Twitter account.