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Tools of Marketing Research

So far we focused on using free of charge tools that you could use to study the competition in the market. I am going to show you what professional marketers would use. There are a lot of premium tools that makes the marketing research easier.



The first one we going to use is called and let’s just imagine that we would like to research something to do with the online shopping industry in the United States so we will use the website for was our example hit the Enter and let’s see what it can tell us about for and its competitors. If we look at semrush estimates that the organic search traffic is about 329 million visitors per month. It estimates that about buying Google traffic all of the paid search traffic that equal to about 11.6milion visitors per month. It also tells us that it estimates that there is roughly 332million back links coming into But if we scroll down it has been estimated off the amount of mobile visitors there and it also tells us the top organic keywords that are being searched for full visitors who go to draw


This is pretty useful because if we wanted to compete with we would have an idea of how much it would cost us to compete. It is also helps us to estimate the cost per click to compete. It is similar to Google keyword research tool. Something else that is interesting, here is the way in which competitors all displayed we can see that some of the competitors for provocative commentaries like, and so forth. It goes a step further and shows the professional marketer and competitive positioning map which shows us some of the key differences that it has with competitors. This is really useful if you’re trying to plan the new marketing combined to spot gaps in the market.

What else we can find is interesting here is that 19% approximately is Branded traffic. So it is people who know about list searching specifically for provocative, and about 81% of the traffic all probably searching for other keywords. We also see the top paid keywords that for We can even see here that other competitors are competing quite ferociously with by traffic. We can see here that were competing previously.

Let’s open up another tool that we can use which is called  and We will use the same example of no similar web will bring up a silent estimates and what is interesting here, is that the estimates of monthly visits on similar web is quite different than what we’ve seen on  This just goes to show that the research is never 100% accurate and there would be variances.

The interesting metric that we can see here besides the amount of visits is the amount of time spent on the website and this is a good metric to look at. Because the time spend on the website shows us the extent to which the visitor would regard this to be good quality content. If the bounce rate was much higher the visitors are perhaps not finding what they were looking for.

If you scroll down to the various other bits of information that is useful to choose which countries the visitors originated from. Choose the traffic sources, here we can see that amazon office is a strong brand because most of its graphic is direct traffic (42.45%). In other words people knew about this website. A high percentage of the traffic is referral i.e. 23.21% which also indicates that for amazon may have quite a high referrers i.e. affiliate marketing process. Almost 25% of the traffic come from google search or from other search engines.

We can learn from some of the websites on the main referrers to draw and among them is one of the main. Since this is the free version, we do not have information about all websites here. But it is suggesting that there is another 995 websites such as, referring traffic to and also see the destination sites of where visitors go off.

As we scroll down, this provides us with more information about the search traffic it tells us about the organic keywords that people search for as well as the paid keywords that can tell us which of the social media websites all the most prominent first we can see Facebook is taking the lead they with Youtube.  It also tells us that AMAZON is likely to be spending its advertising budget it suggests that and are the top paid advertisers.  It also measures the ad networks through which the ads all distributed and it suggesting here, that the Amazon Ad system is the leader followed by intent Ziff Davis out brain.

 So forth it also attempts to profile the visitors by telling us which interest category they belong to.  It also provides us with a preview of websites that are very similar to  such as What is also interesting on is it will provide us with details of apps that are related to amazon it’s got details off apps on the Google place store.


If you click on the tab it can provide us with more details. You can add competitor on to compare the details of the website details which is really helpful for people.



Now were going to review our knowledge with a challenge and the solution. This will be fun and you can repeat this as many times as you like and can even use different examples when you repeat this. So, here is the confront: Fund’s director would like to understand more about the potential cost and effort required by retailers who sell a book in the United Kingdom. But he wants to know about business that employ their own websites rather than third party websites such as Amazon.

Challenge: Water Filters UK

            1. What is the search demand across the country?

            2. What is the monthly cost of targeting 10% of search                 demand (paid search)?

             3. How many pages of content required?

             4. What are the other notable competitors?

They would like to know the following four questions.

1. is that what the approximate search demand is across the country?

2. is what would be the monthly cost of targeting approximately 15% of the search traffic                   through paid search numbers?

3. how many pages will be required to compete with the most prominent Google                                 competitor for organic search traffic?

4. is which other websites all considered to be notable competitors in the market?

Think about these four questions and when you’re ready, proceed to the next video.