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Website Optimisation For Digital Marketing

Website Optimisation For Digital Marketing

For building an online marketing foundation, you need to build the website yourself or hire an expert. There are three important points to discuss: time, money and expertise. You need to have the time to build your own websites. You may know how to build websites or have invested in a website platform that helps you to build your own. Being able to build a website and having the time to build a website can be two very different things.

Even if you hire someone to create the website for you, you need time to prepare your budget and time to manage the project. This may require time on writing website contents, copy, revealing design, revisions and gathering components, like photos or videos etc. The second component is money. Funds are required to hire people; if not, the decision on how to proceed may be determined by this point alone.

The last point is expertise that has the power to tackle your own website management problems. If you do not hire a professional, you may not get the job done on time and on the budget. Web designer or web developer may have the expertise required to get the job done right.

But choosing of experts is based on time, money and goal of the company. This is an important decision that will help you critically evaluate what works best for you or your organisation.


Site Platforms:

The next step of building a website is to decide in what platform is suitable for building a website. Those building the site from the ground up, you may be wondering about all the different platforms like Dreamweaver or content management systems also called CMS like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

In today’s world, making and managing websites is easier than ever and you may explore several options. You need to decide what to use, we need to analyse online reviews and look at sample sites.

Here there are two big decision points when looking at website platforms. Ask yourself how important it is to self-managed? CMS is that you have the ability to make a lot of your own website. CMS platform is based on what we know? How to work in or when our webmaster may give us return? So we can create content without any help.

The second point, is to be sure about how search ready is your site or that platform? Your website needs to be search engine friendly and friendly, so that search engines can easily locate them and easily make visible in search results.

Along with platforms, Domain names are important to get a handle on whether your site is ready to have a site live or are building one from the ground up. Generally, you use same domain names for brand protection, search engine optimisation and for online marketing campaigns. 

If you have a website your working with already, be sure to find out the right domain for the site if you know all the domains your organisation may own or secured extensions of existing names besides, .io, .net,.org

For brand protection, you may want to secure those just of the competition. You buy website addresses with your company name and if your company name is long, you may also choose something shorter for ease-of-use. A Business may use a shorter version that may be easier for customers to type when emailing or to put on business cards. A shorter domain can always redirect the longer URL reducing someone’s typing time. 

Sometimes you may want to protect misspellings of a company forename if the name can be commonly misspelt. Domain names can also be selected to support search engine optimisation. Some organisations choose domains that have descriptive search phrases and then and use them to help in searches.

Be sure if you have a domain name that you know you have a long time; you buy it for at least 5 to 10 years versus renewing annually. This can show your seriousness to that URL, which search engines may affect into their search engine result pages. Once you have a domain name selected, you need to have website hosting in place. You may want to webmasters to see if they have a recommended solution.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you have a small site?
  • Or a large site with a lot of necessary room for files, images
  • or hosting your own videos?
  • Or is it okay to pay less for a shared server?
  • Can your videos come from third-party video sites like YouTube?
  • Do you need a dedicated server for more guaranteed uptime?

Sometimes a lower-priced hosting package is minimising costs, whether you are building a new website for optimising an accessible site. Make sure find a hosting solution that works best for your needs, to impact the speed of your site as well as its up-time and new technology integration with website analytics.

Keep records of the list of domains you own, how long it will end, your domain company logins, your hosting records, FTP access for your website, email system logins, access your logo files, login and password, web analytics login and even social media logins.

You never know when you may need these for online marketing management. As important as it is to have a robust website and consider programming your website to be mobile-friendly or build a dedicated mobile website.

A mobile site is built differently than a traditional website, to accommodate the small space on the mobile screen. Some person may even come up with an idea for creating mobile apps to add to the online marketing mix.