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What is Affiliate Marketing ?

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing that occurs between online advertisers and buyers or online publishers and sellers.

Affiliate marketing is results-oriented, meaning that only the advertisers pay if the publishers of the website owners who have ad space to sell deliver actions.

Payment is based on a performance basis, typically in the form of sales, leads, downloads or registrations. For some businesses, affiliate marketing can really perform well.

With affiliate marketing, advertisers become affiliates by allowing other websites that are advertising networks to promote an offer.

Advertisers wanting to get into affiliate marketing must have a sound way of tracking the actions, to make sure that they want to pay partners correctly.

To make sure the partners are tracking the actions, that they are tendering exact deed counts for compensation and to track the quality of the actions. Most affiliates use third-party affiliate management software to track actions of an affiliate.

It is possible to promote your products or services by having an affiliate programming or you can also explore monetising your website or blog with affiliate ads. If you do put ads on your website to make money, you do need to disclose this in your online privacy policy.

Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising is a form of online advertising that involves buying ads from social media sources. Social media ads are much targeted promotional options.

When you create your Facebook profile you include your city, age, interests & more. Advertisers can target their ads specifically to target people based on the custom targeting criteria. Visit to create an Ad;









You can see how the ads solutions work without placing in a credit card, so I persuade you to go there and give it a spin.

Social media advertising can be tested in within industry and work-related social networking sites catering to professionals, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

With LinkedIn you can call their Ads area to look how you can target by geography also get more professionally focused advertisement wise, targeting a company, job titles and even age.

You may be surprised when you see how it targets your ads. When the masses are using social media every day; indeed many times a day.

There is an opportunity to reach people but remember that your Ads have to make an impression against the sea of noise that is already happening there.


Online Email Advertising:

Email marketing and email advertising are not the same things. Email marketing means sending messages to permission-based catalogue, typically constituted by getting sign-ups of your site. Email advertising involves reaching a prospective customer in their email inbox through somebody else’s list.

You can buy ads, an email list to reach people either in the form of having your message and or having the ad that is a part of the email newsletter.

Before you buy an email advertising list, make sure that the list is a quality list; meaning that people have to opt into it and that the names were legally acquired and that you understand the payment terms, a help to talk to references before you buy email advertising.

Online advertising is simply one tool in the online marketing sandbox. There are multiple variables online advertising presents and you have an online advertising management plan, as a need to be created and tested, measured, managed and optimised.

There is a well-known quote half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;” the trouble is I don’t know which half.

The man behind this message is John Nelson Wanamaker the man who opens the first department store in 1875.

One of the largest distinctions of online advertising is its measurement power. So, there is no excuse for spending money on any form of online advertising and not knowing what works and what doesn’t. Web analytics can help you measure online advertising success.