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Brand Presence

Brand Presence

The way your brand is perceived on Twitter is important to your success. The most important brand element of Twitter is the username and this is how people will interact with your business. So you should take the time to secure an appropriate username because most of your success will really depend on this.

Creating a brand presence



  • Make it relevant to your brand
  • 15 characters or less
  • Avoid using underscores
  • Only use numbers if relevant
  • Consider keywords

For most brands this is easy, but what if that’s not available or your name is too long or not descriptive enough?  If you already had a twitter username that you’re not completely sold on, you can even change it.

Firstly, it’s important to make your Twitter handle applicable to your brand. Stay away from anything random and instead pick something specific. Avoid using your personal name, unless you are the brand with a key focus on the business. You only have 15 characters to work with. So, keep it short and sweet. Avoid using any underscores __. Underscores are also harder for people to remember and it’s even harder to type out on a mobile keyboard because it requires an extra press of a button to define it. Also, we should avoid numbers. If the names you want is taken don’t just add a number to the end of it, just consider appending the acronym.


State your businesses and consider abbreviating parts of your name. Your company slogan is another great place to look for inspiration. Really, the key is to keep on the brand as much as possible. Now, if your business name includes numbers then obviously use them if they’re relevant, you can also consider using a relevant keyword in your username, for example, 500Px in photography has a definite meaning i.e. 500 pixels; you may use a number in such cases.

 If you think your brand would benefit from discovery through Twitter search keywords, it can be a huge help if they wanted to enhance brand recognition. But the word must be in your business name. You may consider finding a way to include that keyword which will help you appear the results. For anyone who is looking for conversations around a word in your neighbourhood, now this may or may not impact your branding.

So you will have to evaluate what makes the most sense for your business if you do need to change your username. You can do so from your account settings but be sure to send a tweet to your followers letting them know your new username. You won’t lose any of those followers but they may try to continue mentioning you or tweeting at you via your old twitter handle. 

The next step is to build a powerful profile to build the brand presence. Your profile says a lot about your business. Your name by header image and profile pictures should all work together to tell the story of your brand. Go ahead and pull up Twitter page and anytime someone tabs on their username or visits page, they see the experience that’s intentionally crafted for them.  

On the left-hand side of the screen, you can see that opted to use the visual logo along with a cover photo. Here, in the top centre of the screen that includes a handful of video thumbnails that indicate what it is. However, it’s important to remember that Twitter will scale the image down to very small size and you can see that here just below the word tweets right next to the username.

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The size of the logo is very small; you might want to create something unique for Twitter. I recommend using an image that perfectly represents your brand; for example, Amazon has created a profile photo featuring an actual delivery box of Amazon along with its logo.

Now, if your business is you, your headshot is an ideal option and it can be looked at by clicking on someone twitter profile appear on the right-hand side of the screen. We take a look at Bill Clinton Twitter profile you can see it shows users to headshot here as this profile is about him. Therefore, tweeting as a person, using a headshot is a great idea.

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Let’s go back to the Amazon Twitter profile, it is really just a landing page. Think about your own browsing habits, you likely make decisions based on the look and feel of a particular page, maybe the lack of cohesiveness or a bad colour palette. You might have trouble trusting the experience. If you click on a particular product and the images are bold and radical you might either identify with the brand or be completely put off.

Use your Twitter profile to speak directly to the demographic you want to target. What’s the most important customer for you? Build the experience for them? We can see that the amazing Bill Clinton biography below the profile photo and username but you must learn the skills you need to achieve your full potential.

It’s short but sweet, it’s to the point and it speaks directly to the type of people who are likely looking. When everyone and thousands of other Twitter users are fighting for attention, use your profile as an opportunity to stand out. Invest in this experience and you have less trouble converting users to follow your brand. To drive deeper into creating this immersive experience, feel free to get extra creative with your profile photo and header images which are the opportunities to showcase your brand with a large rich visual atmosphere.