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Buying Followers Twitter

Buying Followers Twitter


There is a reward for having a lot of followers on Twitter, besides the tremendous brand benefit, there is a credibility aspect that comes along with having a high quantity of followers.

 Because of this, many companies have popped up that will sell you Twitter followers.

Companies like, where you can buy followers as low as a dollar and even Facebook likes,

Here is another one that I pulled up

Buying Followers Twitter

Buying Followers Twitter

You can get packages of 100 followers for $1; 500 followers for $5.

These sites are everywhere and I’m sure you’ve come across if you’ve done any research on this topic.  

But the truth is buying followers from services like this is a terrible idea.

Gain Your Followers Organically

These are not real people they are either fake accounts or people who were tricked into subsequent following your account.

This really overcomes the idea of your marketing efforts.

These accounts are not of people that are going to spread your message, engage with your content or do business with you.

Sure, you can get the added benefit of looking popular and the business scenarios where it can work in your favor. 

But this effort really violates the terms and conditions on Twitter and they’ve been cracking down and removing fake followers.

These fake followers don’t help your credibility or help your business and when they disappear; it will just be a waste of money.

For Twitter, you can use a free tool, to identify what percentages of followers on an account are genuine, inactive or fake.

Now, this tool probably is not 100% accurate but it does give you a good idea. 

I pulled up a Twitter account here called at GeekDailyDeal, which suggests that this has 63%, fake followers.

So you can use this tool to look at your own Twitter profile to see if maybe you’ve got fake followers or you can even use this tool to look your competition if you’re doubtful about how many followers they have.

If you’re tempted to buy followers twitter my advice, is to gain your followers organically and build a genuine user base or you can explore paid advertising methods to attract more attention your brand to using Twitter adds but skip any of these sites that promise overnight followers, it’s never a good idea.

Twitter analytics

Twitter has its own analytics dashboard and you’ll find at Once you’re there you will sign in with your account.

Along the top, you will notice that there is a headline and this headline proclaims the total impressions we’ve received over the last 28 days.

Below that, you can see each tweet along with impressions, engagements and the engagement rate. Now engagement is the total number of interactions between the tweets.

This means any click on the tweet whether it’s a re-tweet, a favorite of you, of your username etc.

If we want to get the full detail we can click into a specific tweet and bring up another little dashboard where we can look breakdown of all of the information available to us.

You can use these views to see an overall performance and identify any outlines in your data. A strong spike might suggest some level of virility; be a re-tweet or a large amount of favorite the replies.

To export the data you can select export data in the upper right-hand corner and what you’ll get is a CSV file which can be viewed in any spreadsheet software.