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Facebook Page Tabs and Apps

Facebook Page Tabs and Apps


Adding Page Tabs and Apps

One unique feature to Facebook, is the ability to increase the capabilities of your Facebook page through the use of page taps. A Facebook page tab is essentially; a link to a third-party application that integrates itself directly into your Facebook page.

This is great because it allows you the opportunity to add new functionality, while still staying within the Facebook environment. Now, this application is actually built, maintained and running on a third-party company called Woobox.

But it’s still within Facebook and I can use my Facebook account to directly interact with this and it has a great functionality because it’s the new way to get users to engage. So, let me show you the company behind this application is called Woobox and we went ahead and visit their site

Facebook Page Tabs and AppsYou can see here as I scroll down, that they let you create all kinds of promotions, sweep stakes, photo contests and even they have tabs for Twitter. There’s all kinds of great options here and there’s a lot you can do. So you want to check it out and explore it in your own time. Another great company to look at is In the example section; scroll down just to get a sense of some ideas beyond Woobox.  Here, they’ve got some goal oriented options such as boosting engagement and they’ve got a great drag and click interface, making it really easy and intuitive to build these page tabs. 







Third-party applications go a long way and their excellent resources to building interactive and engaging content beyond the typical Facebook.