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Photo by Rosaura Ochoa

Once you’ve picked the blogging platform, you should also consider what social media services you want to use and integrate with.

There are many options in which services you choose to go with, this will depend on your target market as well as your budget.

A  Facebook page is a sound investment for any company that targets the average consumer as Facebook pages can also easily be integrated with blocks.

Twitter is a great tool to gather information and interact with the standard consumer but it needs a lot of work to maintain a popular Twitter profile.

Many companies have a twitter handle, mostly to address client question and complaints.

This is a bare minimum in my opinion.


Google plus is a good option.


Google plus is a good option you can choose to treat it like Facebook by setting up a company page outline or you can decide to use it a small like twitter or conversational basis.

The one thing to remember with Google plus is to put up Google plus authorship for a blog and its authors so the content gets linked together on Google.

YouTube has turned into a search engine of sorts and if you’re ready to invest in video production, setting up a YouTube channel and publishing relevant video material can be a great marketing tool.

Just remember, that YouTube is populated by some less than serious elements.

There is also several other social media and social publishing platforms worth considering including Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Which social sharing services should you choose?


Which social sharing services you choose to invest in will depend on where your target audiences and how they use it.

If you have highly shareable content that appeals to the general public, Facebook, Twitter  Instagram snapchat and Pinterest may be good focus areas.

If your content is more professional in nature, Linkedin may be a better option.

When selecting what social platforms to focus on, talk to the marketing department and find out what platforms are already included in the online marketing strategy of the company.

Once you pick the platforms to highlight them on your part.

Photo by Rosaura Ochoa