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Stages of Blogging

Stages of Blogging

We will follow a game plan that has five main stages and at each stage will define the parameters that the end of the course will become the baseline elements for your business blog. The first stage focuses on setting goals for the blog.

These goals will be based on the goals for the business as a whole and are created to help focus the blog and ensure that all online and marketing assets are aiming towards the same target.

In the second stage, we look at strategy and will discuss the positioning of the blog in relation to other online and off-line assets management and decision-making structure of the blog itself and who has publishing rights and final say.

It will also look at how the success of the blog will be measured against the goals for the blog and for the business.

The third stage looks at technology; because of the prevalence and popularity of blogs, there are many different platforms to choose from each with their own benefits and drawbacks and the plat from you select will have a significant impact on the blog you end up publishing.

There is also a plethora of three and 4 services available online; that can augments plug into and work next to your blog to enlarge its digital footprints on the web.

Creating Your Blog assorted wisdom

We will discuss these technologies and I’ll help you make an informed decision in a strategy for how to implement them for the best results.

In the fourth stage, look at content creation. How to define what type of content should be published on the blog, who should create and manage this contents and how the content should be published for the most impact and bang for your buck.

The fifth and final stage is implementation. This is where the different segments come together and the blog itself take shape.

With all the previous stage is complete you’ll have a clear path to follow when decisions about the sign publishing schedules and social interaction need to be made and you’ll be ready to create publish and manage a blog for your business.

It may seem like an elaborate process just to make a blog but trust me it pays off in spades at the end.  Before publishing has always been a great strategy and what it comes to blogging for business the more planning perceives the publishing the better.