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Tweet Frequency and Retweets

Tweet Frequency and Retweets


Engaging with your audience, you need to maintain a delicate balance in Twitter.

Tweet too much and you might lose followers; tweet inadequate and you will have fair-minded viewers.

The number of times you post to Twitter each day is called your frequency. 

Some brands tweet each hour; whereas others can get away with a handful of tweets each week.

Twitter is a real-time framework, you post frequency will be far greater than that of your efforts on Facebook.

The best chance of gaining interaction is by landing on the feet of your users when they are most active.

Because, Twitter is consequently active, your follower’s feeds are altering dramatically as the day goes on.

 By filling up with content every second, this will award you with the opportunity to tweet frequently without coming across as excessive though.

If you Tweet 10 times a day, usual followers may only observe one of those tweets and that’s if you’re lucky.

It’s also challenging though because you don’t want to be recurring.

You can’t keep saying the same thing over and over hoping the land on someone’s feed because it anytime a user can click on your username and view all the tweets. 

So, look at the frequency at which you are posting along with the type of content but as long as you are distributing relevant topic and high-quality content you will be looked at by people.

It is difficult to tweet too much on Twitter; so start with a high frequency and then work your way towards something that is convenient which must be effective with your audience.

Using Retweets:

Re-tweets are powerful.

There’s an incredible advantage to receiving a re-tweet just as much as there’s an advantage to re-tweeting someone else’s.

As a business, understanding the true value of a re-tweet will help you to find a strategy to maximize their impact.

Let’s review a re-tweet just briefly to make sure on the same page, here is one on the Twitter page.


If I scroll down to this top Tweet here, talking about how finding out, how learning a little coding can help you do a better job.

You will notice just below the image, that there is an image of two arrows that make almost a circle with a number 55 i.e. that is the re-tweet option with 55 persons have re-tweeted… If I select this option, the counter their 55 will turn to 56 as it would be the total amount of people that have re-tweeted and then I will be posting this on my Twitter feed with the indication that it’s a re-tweet.

So my followers will know that I have taken this content from It will say that it’s from but also show it on my feed and to show you the re-tweet option.

It will choose re-tweet and a much over to my feed and we can see here that it says I have re-tweeted the tweet.




So, earning a re-tweet act like an endorsement of sorts; someone in your network agrees with what you’re saying sufficient to publish the same communication out to their viewers.

Therefore I re-tweeted this content because I agree with it.

So to get traction and to really go viral, you’re looking for these re-tweets and let’s be honest any self-promotional marketing is always going to appear biased.

The re-tweet instead gets you third-party recommendations. The more re-tweets, the more trustworthiness, and vitality a particular communication has.

Secondly, your initial audiences are only so large but say you have 500 followers, the contact of your tweet to an instant audience is fairly small.

Now there’s an opportunity to augment visibility through several mentioned methods but the real one comes from a high-value re-tweet.

If the user comes along with an engaged audience of say 10,000 or more followers, in this case, let’s say that with its 387K followers re-tweeted something that I tweeted.

The impact will be very noticeable; you will have a huge audience receiving your tweet in their timeline.

  I suppose another user re-tweets that and another and so on and so forth you’ll have a fairly wide reach and a completely new audience interacting with your content.

This type of marketing is unique; it becomes user-driven and you can go from one view to 1 million in moments.

The trick is getting it right, focusing always on building great tweets and then getting excellent relationships increases the likelihood that your message gets a re-tweet. Relationships are really the key to a re-tweet.

Know the right people in your space, capitalizes on trends and deliver something meaningful that they want to retweet. So, as you prospect for followers entice high-value accounts with a lot of their own followers to add you. 

Relationships are really the key to a re-tweet. Know the right people in your space, capitalize on trends and deliver something meaningful that they want to re-tweet.

So, as you prospect for followers entice high-value accounts with a lot of their own followers to add you. 

Choose content that is valuable for your followers and something they likely haven’t seen on twitter before.

Gaining traction even for re-tweet depends on being unique and timely. 

There’s no secret recipe for viral campaigns but be creative, be authentic and stay on the brand to influence users to re-tweet.

On the other side, you have the opportunity to engage with individual accounts by re-tweeting messages they have created.

Not only does re-tweeting something provide additional content for your followers but it may get you noticed by the person or company you’ve re-tweeted.