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Twitter marketing campaign

twitter marketing campaign


With over 240 million people worldwide on Twitter everyday to talk about things that interest them, interacting with a trending topic; such as the launch of a new Phone, learning about world events, talking about their day-to-day life or even interacting with brands like yours.

Twitter marketing campaigns are about creating and capturing these conversations.

You might leverage Twitter to share details about products, behind-the-scenes like process or helpful tips that in turn boost your attention.

It might even convey your brand’s personality, by sharing other news from your industry or adding opinion to an existing topic.

As a business, the goal is to obtain followers by adding value to the Twitter network.

By building followers, you can increase existing customer relationships and develop new leads while building an existence.

A major brand has an existence on Twitter; each with a unique goal. But the core & the biggest benefit of being on Twitter is having another channel to educate and engage with current and potential customers.

Before you drive into starting or expanding your Twitter presence, it’s important to note that Twitter is a very well-timed network.

It requires a compliance to consign to frequent posts. Otherwise, your brand runs the risk of looking decayed.

They love to give a shout out for a job well done. So, the first step for any business is to determine if you’re willing to commit the necessary resources to maintain your presence on Twitter.

As a starting point, interact your site once or twice a day until you see what works best for your business. With the right level of promise, businesses can see great results.

Twitter claims that people are 72% more likely to make a potential buy from a business after they follow or interact with them on Twitter.

It’s the quickest way to evaluate a brand, check for special offer and see what others have to say.

Using Twitter for your business, at the right time, investment mixed with a high quality strategy, you will be on the way to twitter marketing campaign success.