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Types of Blog

Types of Blog


Before you start producing content, it’s important to consider what content formats and what types of content you want to publish on web.

Let’s look at formats first; bold web is text based. You can also publish images, videos and audio on the web with great achievement.

Making a choice about what formats you want to publish both of launch and also down the road will make the planning and setup of the blog easier and will also allow you to allocate the necessary funds to make each content format victorious.

The most basic content format is text and it’s also the easiest format to create as the web is text; you have to publish the text and it will be found indexed shared and spread throughout the web.

You can tweet your text to be better indexed more easily shared and more compelling to the visitor but the overall production of text is straight forward.

Images have been important all the web and continue to be so; by using images intentionally in content either on their own or in a gallery or as illustration elements in your posts, you increase the value of your content.

Just remember that when you publish images on the web you have to have a license to publish them; but apply the correct title an alternate description tags to the images so they are indexed properly.

Video is quickly becoming as important as text on the web and for good reason. Properly produced an informative video content is easier to digest than text and images and requires less work on the part of the viewer.

The disadvantage to video is that it is hard to index as the web doesn’t really understand the content in a video file. If this videos is being a part of your content plan, you need to allocate funds for proper video production including good audio tools and containment & you also need to consider transcribing all your videos into text to be published alongside your videos for better indexing.

Audio has been around on the web for a long time and it’s having a resurgence today; thanks to new sharing platforms. Depending on the type of business your company is in, launching a podcast fundamentally a downloadable radio illustrate on the web can be beneficial; however like video, audio files require production funds in transcription to be the most effective. Cyber only prioritize this content format, if it is directly related to your products.

The content card shows you the different content formats; checkoff options you wish to focus on. With your formats defined the next step is to decide what types of content you want to produce. Different types of content have different impacts and can reach different goals and audiences.

Be focus on one or two types of onset and refine the strategy and then implements more types down the road, when the blog is well-established.

Let’s look at some general content types; the most general content type on a business blog is the news item, which is just like the name proposes is communication about news and events in the company; while this may be interesting for stakeholders and customers waiting for new products, the news content type has little social and interactive value.

Other types of content can have more of an impacts; Q&A posts tips & tricks class and conversation pieces tend to get shared more and also generate discussion and contribution and if you really want to start a conversation and place yourself in the debates, opinion pieces can be effective as long as the view are in line with the business goals and philosophy.

My recommendation is to start with news items and two or three of the lively types, tips & tricks, tutorials or discussion. This way you’ll be able to share news about the business and also provide content the guest will want to interact on web, find useful and shareable.

Check off the content types you want to focus on the entire content card. Once these types are well-established in the blog has some grip, you can assign capital to start publishing more content formats and more content types