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How To Hashtag

How To Hashtag


The hashtag is any word beginning with the # symbol.

People use hashtags to reference specific topics and clicking on one will take you to search results for that term. 

You will see here on the Twitter page that included the word in #GreatIndianFestival with that # symbol in front of it and that makes this a hashtag.

Hashtags are a way to discover new concepts, find information and enlarge the reach of your tweet.

Many conversations on Twitter involve the hashtag; especially those that are meant for a larger audience. 

It’s a unique way of categorizing content percent. By applying a hashtag you were essentially linking your tweet to a particular term.

This term might be specific to a marketing campaign, a brand, event or a location. Hashtags make content easier to be discovered,

When someone comes across a hashtag, they can click on it.

So here I’ll choose the #GreatIndianFestival and what we see all the results associated with this # and you’ll see that it brings in a lot of information because the # is after all  Amazon Great Indian Festival sale campaign.

So, it is a great way to look at other topics and see if a particular topic is trending.

Using an # such as #Sportsnut might be a great way for a fan to give generic shadow.

It’s not necessarily associated with a particular event or a larger conversation whereas a specific # such as the #fashion week or #sundaynightNFL will draw lots of people talking about the same topic at the same time.

Hashtags are really just a unique way of exploring thoughts in potentially real-time; for example when Apple hosted their press event launching the iPhone seven and the Apple watch people from all around the world gathered to share the reactions under a common #. 

When there was a technical glitch people were able to view the tweets around that # to identify that the problem wasn’t unique to them; it was actually widespread.

As an industry, you can make benefit of hashtags.

You can make a decision to create conversations around # say by hosting a contest, examination a particular operation or inquiring customers to share testimonials using your brand or you can join in on an existing conversation around #.

Perhaps, you’d like to add a perspective to #music Monday or provide a special offer to anyone following #coupons.

When on brand conversations are happening using # is a quick and effective way to put your tweet in front of a large audience.

You can even use Twitter to help identify trending content. You can explore the Discover section of the top of the page or even search for # using the search in the upper right-hand corner.

There are a lot of options on how to engage with hashtags. Search out hashtags are related to your brand service or product and then use them to interact with other influences dominating the topic. 

Associate your tweets with thought leaders of your topics to start building some interest in your business.

Stick to one or two hashtags per tweets and avoid including hashtags of trending topics if you aren’t sure what they’re referencing. 

Many brands have been caught in embarrassing situations by commenting on seemingly innocent trends only to find out the true nature of the topic.